Madeline + Thomas’ Lovely Natchez Engagement Session: Mississippi Wedding Photography

Have you ever visited Natchez? Its history stretches as far and wide as the amazing river that has kept the city alive for just over 300 years. The oldest part of the city near the river features street after shady, narrow street of historical churches, homes, and businesses. Tiny, colorful houses perch on the lip of the Bluff, watching the barges go by; imposing antebellum mansions peek between the low branches of live oaks; and taverns older than the town advertise cold drinks and ghost stories to give you cold shivers. If I sound like I love the place – well, my family history runs deep here. My people traveled here on foot and horseback when this place was the wild frontier of our nation, and the Natchez Trace was only a dangerous path through the endless forest. I have happy memories of sticky, hot summers spent with my sweet Mamaw Ruth in her tiny red house on Mt. Carmel Drive. So when Madeline and Thomas floated the idea of traveling to Natchez for their engagement session, they didn’t have to ask twice!IMG_2726IMG_0878IMG_0955I loved how Madeline and Thomas made a romantic getaway of their engagement session. They spent the weekend at Monmouth Inn, and we began their session in the garden of this beautiful antebellum home. The new green of spring and the first blush of the redbuds were just beginning to color the woods. It was truly a perfect day.IMG_1070IMG_2826IMG_2933IMG_1279IMG_2908

The Spanish came to the new world looking for gold. The French gave them Natchez after the Seven Years’ War, but they didn’t find gold here. However, they gave their name to the beautiful “moss” that grows from the branches of the live oaks. If they only knew how their namesake moss turns gold in the afternoon sun. I’ll take this kind of gold any day!IMG_1329

After visiting Monmouth’s romantic gardens, we walked the funky, historic streets of Natchez near the Bluff. I fell in love with Smoot’s Grocery and Madeline’s blue eyes.  Jonathan fell in love with Steampunk Coffee Roasters. Engagement sessions that incorporate coffee breaks? Yes please!IMG_3039IMG_3059IMG_3090IMG_1356IMG_3087After coffee, we went exploring below the Bluff, and found a lovely, quiet lane shaded by live oaks. Madeline and Thomas make each other laugh easily, and when they look at each other, their eyes light up! We had so much fun down there under the trees – it was as if we had our own little corner of the River. We could have hung out there chatting and photographing all day, but we had an appointment to keep with the sunset.IMG_1436IMG_1437IMG_1439IMG_3187IMG_3234As the sun crept toward the horizon, we made our way back up the Bluff to watch the sun turn the River to gold and the lights begin to sparkle on the River Bridge. IMG_1467IMG_1508IMG_1521The sun set so, so slowly over Natchez, the oldest city on the River, and so, so gently over these two sweethearts.

Madeline and Thomas, spending time with you in this beautiful city refreshed us in so many ways. We loved seeing its historic homes and gardens through your eyes. It was a wonderful way to spend a spring weekend! And we are SO excited to see you two say “I do” in just a few short days! Happy Wedding Week!

For more information about visiting Natchez, begin here.

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