Katy-Whitten & Brandon’s Joyful Backyard Boho Wedding: Mississippi Wedding Photography

I love at-home weddings. 3U7A61153U7A61453U7A61663U7A6184I love rooms that are full of memories of little girls growing up.3U7A62543U7A6265I love tiny flower girl dresses that match the bride’s gown.3U7A63283U7A6344IMG_7505IMG_7490I love pups and laid-back grooms and ties that go missing, but are found just in time.DSCF7239-2DSCF7330-23U7A64283U7A64543U7A6463I love Mississippi woods in a Mississippi spring.IMG_7531

000047140001I love catching a First Look like this one on film.3U7A65143U7A6516IMG_7557IMG_7624.jpg3U7A66143U7A66313U7A6656I also LOVE a dress you can twirl in!3U7A66873U7A6667I love little boys who adore their mommies but prefer not to have everyone looking at them just now.3U7A67513U7A6766IMG_7779IMG_78023U7A6803IMG_7866And I absolutely positively LOVE tiny flower girls with bouquets as big as they are!3U7A75083U7A6871

3U7A68993U7A74923U7A6963.jpgI love bridesmaids in the afternoon sun.3U7A6907DSCF74673U7A7124I love parties in shady backyards.IMG_79913U7A7192IMG_7420IMG_7709IMG_77383U7A7195IMG_7693I love weddings under the trees.3U7A7232I love shy ring bearers.3U7A7273IMG_8125I love flower girls that run RUN run down the aisle, petals flying everywhere!

3U7A7282IMG_81363U7A73313U7A73443U7A7348IMG_82173U7A7357I love THIS.3U7A73813U7A75683U7A76213U7A76863U7A75943U7A76453U7A79053U7A7705I love the moment when the evening sky turns deep blue and the lights begin to shine warm in the night.IMG_84353U7A7717IMG_84673U7A78483U7A78933U7A7900I love when bright, fragile paper carries hope, love, and joy into the dark night sky.IMG_85673U7A79633U7A7987

3U7A7999.jpg3U7A8016I love endings that are really beginnings.IMG_86113U7A8038Y’all, I know this post was a little different, but I realized if I tried to write down everything I felt about Katy-Whitten and Brandon’s wedding day, I would drown the beautiful photographs with too many words! So I went with as few words as possible. But here at the end, I have to use a few more words to say that this day was pure joy for us. We’ve known KW and little Zooey and her precious family for several years, and they have become like family to us. The Davidsons have walked with us through the valleys and rejoiced with us on the mountaintops, and we love them dearly. And when we met Brandon, we immediately felt he was a kindred spirit, and we are so grateful that he and KW & Zooey found each other! These three have wonderful adventures ahead of them, and we are so happy we were there to celebrate with them on their wedding day. Congratulations, KW, Brandon, and Zooey! Never stop dancing!

Wedding Team Love

Wedding Coordinator: Terrie Lynn Brown

Videographer: Randy May (209) 756-1337

Floral Design: Loretta Shelton, The Flower Girl Wedding and Florist

Reception Lighting By: Doug Hutcherson

Reception DJ: Tony Vernon (662) 329-2277

Antiques, Furniture & Decor from: Magnolia Antique Mall, Columbus (662) 328-4750

Cake Artist: Rachel Pitman, The Sweeter Side, LLC  (662) 368-6225

Catering by: Bridget Harding, Harding Catering

Bride’s Gown: Blush by Hayley Paige, The Bride and Groom Bridal Boutique

Bride’s Hair Artist: Kristen Stephens

Bridesmaids’ Gowns: Show Me Your MuMu

Groom and Groomsmen’s Attire: J. Crew

*and many, many thanks to the team of family and friends who helped set up, decorate, and celebrate with KW, Brandon, and Zooey!*



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