Katy-Whitten + Brandon’s Beautiful Winter Engagement Session: Mississippi Wedding Photography

In Mississippi, sometimes we get a spring day in midwinter. You wake up expecting another chilly, grim, gray day, and instead you get blue skies, birds singing, and fuzzy little buds on the dogwood trees. In the middle of your post-holiday gloom, you remember: I live in the Deep South. Spring comes early here. We may get snow in April, but hey, we’ll be wearing flip flops in February.  I was so grateful that our winter weather performed one of its miracles for Katy-Whitten and Brandon’s engagement session.IMG_1624IMG_1650IMG_1713IMG_9247These two are thoughtful, romantic, and brave. Can I just share a little of their story? The night of their brief first meeting in Tuscaloosa in 2010, Brandon tells: “He wrote about her in his journal that night saying ‘Never forget…that girl.'” IMG_9265They courted for a few happy weeks, but it was the season of college, of classes, of beginnings and endings. They connected over her record collection and their love of Kerouac and Hemingway. He wrote her letters. Eventually, though, circumstances separated them for over a year. In December of 2011 they reconnected – she met his new puppy, they told each other their adventures. They said goodbye on the shores of Hurricane Creek. Again, life happened, and they lost touch… for two years.IMG_9302IMG_9309They were separated by distance and the call of life, old dreams, dashed hopes, and new dreams, but they never forgot each other. She became a writer, a poet, a momma. He became a geologist and a traveller. But in spite of everything, these two found each other again.

Brandon tells their story so well: “Who contacted whom at this point is up for debate, and both KW and B claim credit for reigniting the old flame. Whatever happened, it changed the course of their lives indefinitely. They began writing letters to one another, perhaps remembering and longing for the sweet times they shared in the past. He sent her pictures of his adventures. She showed him her walking son. He wrote to her about his dreams of homesteading in the mountains. She sent him her poems to read. He told her she was beautiful. She longed for true love. He got fired. He came to see her on Valentines day in 2014. They met at the Lincoln Home Bed and Breakfast in Columbus, MS. He met her family and friends. He fell in love with her son. He wanted to stay. She wanted to come. He left for Montana to go work on a farm. She said she would come that spring.”

IMG_9360She said she would come that spring.

IMG_1789IMG_1791He wrote her every day til she arrived.IMG_1797They had adventures, and adventures, and adventures. She met his family. They camped and hiked, they gardened and farmed. He moved. She moved. They moved together. (You can read the whole beautiful story, in their own words, here.) And one day, after hiking to the top of a glacial arête in the Sangre de Christo Mountains of New Mexico, Brandon asked her to be his wife. And she said yes.IMG_9399IMG_1845IMG_9436And tomorrow, TOMORROW, at the home where she grew up, under trees filled with lights, flowers, and music, the three of them will become one family.IMG_1887IMG_1902IMG_9596This love story was written in patience and letters, adventures and waiting and more letters. Oh, how Jonathan and I have loved hearing their story! And how happy are we that the waiting will be over for these two and Zooey James! We can’t wait to see them say “I do!”IMG_1930IMG_9624IMG_9661Katy-Whitten and Brandon, thank you for trusting us with this window into the story of your lives together. We are so happy and excited for you and your families, and we can’t wait to see where life takes you three. Whatever happens, keep writing those letters. ❤

♥Engagement Session Locations♥

The Lincoln Home, Columbus MS

The Davidson Home

Ethelsville, Alabama


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