Tori + Justin’s First Look on a Sweet Rainy Day at Southwind: Mississippi Wedding Photography

I’m on a roll with precious First Look moments lately! And since I am STILL trying to practice the discipline of using fewer words (hah!) I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  (Right brain: “but I LOOOOVE adjectives!” Left brain: “No one wants to read all these words! They just want to see the pictures!”) 🙂 Here you go…

  1. His name is Justin, her name is Tori, and they love each other soooo much.
  2. They were married on a rainy March afternoon at Southwind.
  3. They had a very sweet First Look moment witnessed by just a few precious loved ones.
  4. First Looks in the rain (well, almost in the rain!) are so, so lovely.

IMG_52113U7A06533U7A06603U7A0668IMG_52583U7A0683IMG_52663U7A0695More words! I can’t help it! Do you see how Justin couldn’t stop smiling??IMG_52733U7A07163U7A0745IMG_52903U7A08103U7A1217And I had to throw in just ONE MORE photo to show the glorious sunset that crowned their lovely day! Everyone at the wedding was in awe of this beautiful sunset!3U7A1489

Tori + Justin

March 25, 2017



Bride’s Gown by Allure from Faulkenbery’s Bridal, Philadelphia, MS

Bride’s Veil: her mother’s veil

Bride’s Hair and Makeup Artist: Charlene Cooke, 662-386-5346

Bride’s Bouquet & Floral Designs: Holly Payne of Holly’s Petals and Presents, Nettleton, MS  662-963-0010

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