Joby + Thierry’s “Up” Themed Anniversary Session: Mississippi Wedding Photography

Candy-colored balloons, bright blue skies, warm breezes, soft green grass…. a bright yellow dress, and a sweet picnic full of hope, love, and memories… this pretty perfectly describes Joby and Thierry’s anniversary session last summer! All the credit goes to Joby for planning out this fun, lighthearted celebration of four years of marriage. I loved loved LOVED everything about this day – this precious couple is near and dear to our hearts, I adore the movie “Up,” the hills and fields near the old Winery are one of my favorite places, and…. balloons, y’all. Lots and lots of BALLOONS! img_7487img_7098img_7125img_4341img_7489img_4441img_7299img_7312These photographs make me homesick for summer. And for this hill.img_4475img_7335img_4573img_7422img_7399img_7485img_7475img_4628img_4637img_7385Here’s to Joby & Thierry, and to all the beautiful adventures still waiting out there!

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