For All the Precious Mommas: Happy Mothers’ Day! Mississippi Wedding Photography

Motherhood has been the greatest adventure, joy, and challenge of my life.  Becoming a mom changed everything – my understanding of God, my understanding of myself, and my understanding of others.  I know that one day our son will give his heart to a beautiful young woman and begin his own family, so when we photograph a wedding day, I am always deeply moved by the mommas. So in honor of Mothers’ Day, here are a few of my favorite momma moments that we have been blessed to witness. This first image is dear to my heart… we photographed Bethany’s wedding morning at her parents’ home, and her precious momma had photos and mementoes of her children everywhere. So naturally her baby dress had to be photographed with her wedding dress. (P.S. To see more of these beautiful wedding stories, just click on each photograph!)IMG_1728Laura Leigh’s sweet momma (who I thought at first was one of the bridesmaids! I want to know her secret!) seemed so calm and happy as she helped her lovely daughter dress at The Magnolias. She and Laura Leigh share the same pretty smile!IMG_3966And here’s a happy moment between lovely Heather and her momma on her summer wedding day at The Poor House in Starkville.IMG_6222I loved how precious Cate wanted lots and lots of photos with her proud momma on her wedding day in West Point.IMG_8192As Adam waited on the porch to see his beautiful bride Elizabeth for the first time, I caught his momma peeking at him through the window. (That’s going to be me one day!)IMG_5664Their wedding at Shadowlawn Bed and Breakfast was full of precious momma moments. Elizabeth was so proud to be escorted down the aisle on the arm of her beautiful mom, Burnette (who also is the loving owner of the beautiful Columbus B&B!)IMG_5825I love it when I witness & catch glimpses like these – when everyone just loses themselves in the wonder of the moment. Mallory had just finished dressing and she and her mom had time to just look in the mirror and take it all in before the whirlwind began….IMG_6805… and this sweet hug on Leann’s wedding morning says it all….IMG_0464…and so does this tender moment between Cody and his beautiful momma during his and his lovely bride Kathleen’s reception at the Bryan Athletic Administration Building on the campus of MSU.IMG_6537And here’s beautiful Kathleen and her lovely momma during her wedding morning at the First Baptist Church Chapel in Starkville.IMG_5000Tyler’s a very strong guy, a proud Marine, and I loved loved LOVED how Jonathan caught him giving his momma this big hug during their dance. Mommas need lots of hugs, even after their baby boys grow up! (See yours truly in the background there? My second shooter does a great job, doesn’t he?)IMG_6984Mommas also need to give their babies kisses, no matter how grown they are…IMG_8122IMG_0305But sometimes… sometimes mommas have to say goodbye before they want to, and even though I believe they watch from heaven, too often they can’t be there to kiss their babies on the wedding day.  I loved how R.J. kept his momma close to his heart on his and Mallory’s wedding day at the Northpointe Red Barn in Jackson.IMG_6667IMG_6858So this is my official reminder to myself and all you grown up babies out there… Hold your momma’s hand one more time.IMG_0074Let her hug and kiss you.IMG_0229Dance and sing with her…IMG_0847IMG_9127IMG_1985Because while a momma’s love lasts forever, her hugs and kisses do not, and one day her voice will be a sweet memory until the circle is unbroken in heaven.IMG_4647IMG_4030And take lots and lots of pictures with her! Happy Mothers’ Day to all the precious mommas, young and old!

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