A Rainy Spring Afternoon in Columbus

Last Saturday afternoon, during the lovely gentle rain,  I took a little walk around the block downtown to see what was new… I LOVE early spring in Mississippi! Every day something new & lovely is lifting its face to the sun, and one of my favorite things to do is take a walk and discover them. IMG_3453So okay, this is not flowers, but the facade of Jones Restaurant has always been my favorite. IMG_3460IMG_3428IMG_3461IMG_3433Also not flowers, but I love this little curlicue at the corner of the grand old Princess Theater marquee.  And the grimy stools on the porch beneath it. IMG_3489IMG_3498IMG_3502IMG_3470Love this house (Corner Cottage,) love this porch, love this swing.IMG_3514IMG_3524I stopped to admire this beautiful Japanese magnolia and turned around to see THIS. Well played, tree, well played.IMG_3526IMG_3530IMG_3539IMG_3542IMG_3547IMG_3552Whoever builds these little inuksuit all over downtown Columbus – you are one of my people. Please keep turning bits & pieces into art – they make me smile when I find them!IMG_3556IMG_3564IMG_3574I’ll finish up with one of my favorite doors in this pretty little city.  I hope this post inspires you to take a walk, rain or shine, and enjoy all the beauty of March in Mississippi. Happy Spring, Columbus!

Want to Learn More About My Town?

Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau

Spring Pilgrimage

Main Street Columbus

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