Your Wedding is Going to Be AMAZING… Trust Me!


Hey, you.

Yes, YOU.

You – the bride about to get married in a few days… or weeks… or months.

You – the woman who is wondering why on earth you decided to plan this big event when you could have just ELOPED…

You – the sweet person who has been planning for weeks or months or years and now you are just crossing your fingers and hoping everything works out, everyone shows up, and praying PLEASE LORD JUST DON’T LET IT RAIN…

I want you to know something.

Your wedding is going to be AMAZING.

Your wedding will be amazing even if only half the people on your guest list R.S.V.P.

Your wedding will be amazing even if all the DIY projects you pinned don’t get finished.

Even if the caterer makes too much fruit salad and not enough chicken salad.

Even if the flower girl refuses to carry the flowers.

Even if your bridesmaids are all running late.

Even if YOU’RE running late…

Your wedding will be AMAZING.

Even if it POURS all day long and everything has to be moved indoors.

Even if you lose your keys.

Even if your pianist can’t find the venue.

Your wedding will be AMAZING.

Even if no one is on time, even if the sun doesn’t shine… it will be amazing.


Because when all the preparations are over and the seats are filled and the music starts, you are going to take a very short walk too quickly and find yourself face to face with the one person who is not worried about the flowers or the food or the who isn’t talking to who. All he will be able to see is this beautiful woman he somehow convinced to fall in love with him and MARRY HIM.

He is going to see you, you are going to see him, and before God and friends and family, you two will say “I do” and with those words, promise to help each other through all the days and weeks and months and years of doing life together. And you will look at him and promise the same. And realize that you two FOUND EACH OTHER out of all the millions of people on earth. And he loves you and you love him, and you are both strong and hopeful and bold enough to take each other’s hand and say, “We are ready.”

And that, dear bride to be, is AMAZING. ❤ ❤ ❤

(With lots of thanks to all our dear brides whose wedding day pictures I used in this post – you are AMAZING.)

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