Kimber + Seth’s Joyful June Love Story: Columbus, MS Engagement Photography

To take your love by the hand and promise to share life with them requires courage and faith. When we first met Kimber and Seth, we knew immediately that these two were ready to face life together BOLDLY and without hesitation. First of all, they’re BOTH training to be pilots in the Air Force, which makes them rock stars in my opinion. Secondly, they LOVE to travel, and they love their family and friends. When they talk about their plans for the future, their hands just naturally find each other…

And they love books…

Plus they’re just stinkin’ adorable together…

And they’re completely natural in front of the camera… They made our job so easy. I mean, just LOOK at them!

Even when it’s about 95 degrees outside and probably 100% humidity, you’d never know it to look at them. (I try to do all the sweating for our clients, just FYI.)

Thank you, Columbus, for providing us with such a beautiful setting for photographs in the restored Riverwalk Bridge.

And these two know how to have fun!

And they have an awesome red Mustang. So they even let us do a little homage to Top Gun (I couldn’t help myself!) Aren’t they gorgeous?

Kimber and Seth, we are so happy to be working with you guys and getting to know you! Thank you so much for choosing us to help tell your love story. We can’t wait to see where life leads you… and we can’t wait to photograph your gorgeous wedding next year!

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