A Big Blog Post for a Big Sky Wedding: Cowboys and Angels

We had a really, really hard time narrowing down a selection of images to share from Erin and Jeff’s beautiful early fall wedding. It was such an amazing day, filled with beauty, sunshine, laughter, family, and friends.  The location was unique and lovely; their celebration was held at Cow Creek Ranch, a working cattle ranch which belongs to Jeff’s family.

Let me introduce you to Jeff.

He’s a hard-working, quiet kind of guy.  That black hat is cool, but that’s his working hat – he wears it every day, and the dust on it belongs there. I’m so glad he didn’t dust it off.

Erin and Jeff met for the first time at a friend’s wedding, but they had to carry on their romance long-distance for four years. Their love story grew through FOUR LONG YEARS of separation while Erin was at college in Illinois, and Jeff moved to Alabama to help his family through a tough patch at the ranch.

Here’s his lovely bride, Erin.  She has a beautiful smile and a wonderful laugh.  She’s the kind of person that brings energy and life into the room when she walks in. And the girl can DANCE.  (But more on that later!)

Their wedding day was incredibly beautiful – a late September evening when the sun was pouring over the land like liquid gold, the high, blue sky was filled with a few little clouds, and the fields were full of tall brown and green grass, with just a few flowers here and there.

Erin and Jeff gathered their friends and family around them for this special day. Jon and I loved meeting them! It was so much fun to be part of the behind-the-scenes action as both the guys and the girls got ready. While the girls, who were dressed and ready to go before we arrived, just enjoyed relaxing with Erin, it was a different story at Jeff’s house. The guys weren’t quite ready when we arrived, but I am so glad they weren’t. We got some great pictures of the guys… just being guys.

Here’s a quick glimpse at Erin and her beautiful attendants.

This lil fella was the life of the party. You’ll see more of him later! 🙂

Erin’s dress was all lace, and she looked like a cowboy’s dream of an angel.

While the guys hung out at Jeff and Erin’s sweet, comfortable house, the girls did their final preparations at Jeff’s aunt Joy’s beautiful home nearby. I wish I had more room to just post photographs of the interior of her house! It was a photographer’s dream!

Erin was a simply beautiful bride. LOVED THOSE BOOTS!

Erin and Jeff had an outdoor First Look. I still get teary when I look at these next photos!

Two more portraits of Erin and her attendants. Gorgeous!

And here’s a little collage of the guys. Did I mention how much FUN it was to be around these people? 🙂

A couple of my favorite wedding party portrait outtakes. I love these moments!

And now… it’s time for a wedding. Can you believe how beautiful this location is?

The littlest cowgirls were adorable too! Beautiful smiles!

And while the sun made a brilliant glory behind them, they said “I do.”

Here’s that sweet lil cowboy I mentioned earlier… He discovered that his ringbearer cushion could do very interesting things when he swung it by the string. Fortunately the rings weren’t on it when the string finally gave way!


And the kiss.

Erin and Jeff had this amazing first dance to “Cowboys and Angels.” I’m pretty sure the song was written just for them. 🙂

Told you it was amazing. And then Erin danced with her daddy, and that was amazing too!

Meanwhile, the stars came out and the sun went down on a glorious day, but the evening was just getting started for Erin, Jeff, and their friends and family.

I love weddings when everyone dances!

The lucky recipients of the garter and the bouquet.

I’m sure the dancing and celebrating went on long into the night, long after these two photographers had gone home to bed! Here’s a few more of the beautiful bride and handsome groom.

I’m not sure why her path crossed mine
Accident or grand design
Maybe God just kinda likes
Cowboys and angels…

Cowboys and angels…

Congratulations, Erin and Jeff. We pray that big Alabama sky fills up with your dreams like it fills up with stars. God bless you!

Jon & Amaris

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