Summer: It’s a wrap!

It’s Labor Day. Summer’s unofficially over. We’ve survived two weeks of school already, the leaves on our lake are already starting to blush, and Facebook and Twitter are filling up with “Go Dawgs!” and “Roll Tide!” The change of seasons has made us realize it’s been a LONG time since we updated our blog.  *sigh*  No, we’re really not faithful bloggers, shame on us!

We worked with some wonderful couples and families this summer…

Here’s Lindsey and David.  I think life will always be a joyous adventure for these two! When we met them for
their engagement session, they were both students at the Columbus Air Force Base.  We had so much fun with them during their shoot, I don’t think we stopped laughing the whole time (except
maybe during the shade breaks, when Jon and David talked flying.)

And here’s Jessica and Ryan – we can’t wait for their wedding in October.  Their session was scheduled for what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer, but they both had the most sweet, positive
attitudes.  That shouldn’t be a surprise, since they both have deeply caring hearts.  In addition to their day jobs, Jessica and Ryan foster puppies in need of forever homes. Because of their selflessness, many homeless pups in the
Starkville area have gotten a second chance at happy, healthy lives.  We get to work with the greatest people!

Speaking of terrific people – remember Chelsey and Nick? Chelsey chose to have her bridals taken after the wedding, so we got to bring together some of her fantastic wedding decor once again. A hot summer evening and bug galore
didn’t stop this couple from looking absolutely stylish and romantic.

Jon and I have been blessed to record some very precious moments for families this summer as well.

Here’s Blake, Adeline, and Mary Davis, who are expecting the arrival of a new baby brother any day now.  Several of the images from their session are definitely in my “Favorite Photos EVER” file. I
especially love the one where Addie saw a bird fly by! You can’t get that kind of moment in a studio!

Our friends P.J. and Jessica Hughes just welcomed their first baby, Skylar Grace, into the world.  They were kind enough to let us rearrange their bedroom to conduct little Skylar’s first
photo shoot.  We did put everything back. 🙂

And last but definitely not least, here’s little Karsen Butler, the brand new son of Jessica and Justin Butler, and grandson of our friends Robert Wayne and Jody Butler.  You could get lost
in this little guy’s blue eyes!

Now Jon and I are looking forward to a busy fall, full of engagement sessions and weddings! We have a wedding on a ranch, a wedding on a lake, and a gorgeous wedding at a lovely church
in Starkville… and to wrap things up, a silvery winter wedding at the Chapel of Memories in December… oh, we are so blessed.  And we’ll blog, we promise.

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