Joby+Thierry’s Shadowlawn Wedding: Columbus MS Wedding Photographers

Every couple’s wedding day is a collage of two lives, two families, a special location, months of preparation – all blended into one unique celebration of love and commitment.  Jon and I have known Joby and Thierry for a little less than a year, but in that time we’ve come to cherish their friendship.  They are both creative, hardworking, GENEROUS individuals.  And boy, can they cook. (We were treated to a delicious home cooked dinner one evening…. mmmmm… pork tenderloin, salad, chocolate mousse…. okay, I’m getting off track… Back to the wedding!)

Here are a few moments from their lovely ceremony at Shadowlawn Bed and Breakfast in Columbus….

We loved how the afternoon light was filtering through the beautiful old magnolia tree in the front yard, falling like a blessing on the new Mr. and Mrs. Czarnecki.

What a wonderful setting for an outdoor April wedding in Mississippi! The next few photos highlight some of the gorgeous interior details and decorations of Shadowlawn. Mrs. Burnette Avakian and her crew of helpers did a fantastic job! They were even happy to help pin on corsages and move tables!

Look at this beautiful bride!

I was in love with this table setting.  Peacock feathers, silver, and blue, blue, blue everywhere….

Joby and her lovely attendants, Edith and Jennifer.  Edith has been our friend since waaay back in the good old days at MUW.  I have the feeling that one will never lack for fun and laughs with these three ladies.

Check out this amazing wedding “cake,” which is really not a cake at all, but a traditional French confection created of little cream puffs and spun caramel.  Amazing! I loved the little caramel rose!

These are some of my favorites of the day… here’s the beautiful bride and her handsome groom, taking a break at the end of the day.  And yes, that’s their own personal bottle of champagne, bottled by Thierry’s family in France, with Joby and Thierry’s picture on it.  What a precious wedding gift and souvenir!

Pour toujours – for forever. Congratulations and blessings on your new life together, Joby et Thierry!

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