Joby & Thierry: Engagement Photography Starkville, MS

Once upon a time a gentleman traveled all the way from France to find his true love waiting in a little college town in Mississippi….

Joby and Thierry are such a sweet, generous, smart and funny couple.  And they love to feed people! Joby made us banana bread!  Thierry made us chocolate mousse (with real chocolate! From France!) Jon and I have felt so blessed to be able to help them tell their very special love story. (And not just because of the food.)

When Joby said that one of their most special memories involved a picnic, cupcakes, and champagne, we knew that would be a sweet element for their engagement shoot (no pun intended!)  The Research Park and old Winery at MSU was the setting, and the trees there were in their full autumn glory.

When we found out that Thierry’s car was a BMW M3 convertible, we had to include it in the shoot too.

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